Acer palmatum 'Beni Maiko'

Beni Maiko Japanese Maple

Desirable form with intense hot pink new foliage in the spring. Small crinkly foliage is popular for bonsai. Habit is bushy and rounded. Pink foliage slowly matures to deep green in the summer becoming intense pink-red in the fall. Small size works great in containers.

Plant next to deep green foliaged plants to accentuate the pink coloration. The Japanese name of Beni Maiko translates to "Red haired dancing girl."

Zone: 5 - 8
Exposure: Sun Partial Shade
Shape: Broad Upright
Height x Width: 15' x 10' 
Unit Availability: 
Attributes: Fall Color
Foliage & Bloom Colors
Foliage Color: Red
Fall Color: Red/Pink

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