Acer japonicum 'Green Cascade'

Green Cascade Japanese Maple

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Weeping form of Acer japonicum with even more finely dissected foliage than its parent, Aconitifolium. Must be staked when young to form a main trunk from which the rest of the branches can weep down. Deep green foliage turns to fall colors of yellow, orange, and red. Habit is much broader than tall eventually reaching 8 feet in height.

Original seedling was raised by Art Wright of Canby, Oregon.

Zone: 5 - 7
Exposure: Sun Partial Shade
Shape: Broad Upright
Height x Width: 8' x 12' 
Unit Availability: 
Attributes: Fall Color
Foliage & Bloom Colors
Foliage Color: Green
Fall Color: Red

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Plant Photo

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