Cornus x nuttalii 'Eddie's White Wonder'

Eddie's White Wonder Pacific Dogwood

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An early hybrid cross between C. florida and C. nuttalli. Habit and flowers are very similar to Pacific dogwood. Very upright and stringy growth whe young, eventually becoming more dense with age. Flowers are large and borne at branch tips, starting out green and slowly aging to pure white. Can be hard to grow, but a large specimen in full flower is a sight to behold. Maintain a straight central leader when young for best shape. Best grown in some light shade. Fall color is scarlet red.

Reported to be somewhat resistant to anthracnose and mildew.

Zone: 6 - 9
Exposure: Sun Partial Shade
Shape: Broad Upright
Height x Width: 25' x 20' 
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Foliage & Bloom Colors
Bloom Color: White
Bloom Time: Midseason
Foliage Color: Green
Fall Color: Red

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Plant Photo

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